Initial Research

Essential Question: How does where you live affect how you live

Two countries or regions that could be used to answer the essential question

Focus Question 1 How does the economy in Jamaica affect life?

Notes: Most of Jamaica's money is from natural resources and tourism. Their natural resources are Bauxite, Sugar, and
bannana's. Their main currency is the american dollar, their economy is a free market economy. Most of the income in Jamicia is comes from tourism. They make over
525 million dollors in tourism each year. Also more than 330,000 Jamacians have a job in tourism. The
y make a small portion of their money from growing bananas. This affects life because work is needed for all of these, and tourism also affects life for the normal citizens living there. For example, most people who have shops there are working mostly for tourists and that is how they make most of their money.

Focus Question 2 How does the weather in Jamaica affect life?

Notes: The weather in Jamicia is humid sub tropical. The average temperature is usually between 80 degrees and 90 degrees. The 2 hottest months are july and August, the coolest is February. The three rainiest months in Jamaica are May, June, and October. Hurricane season is between June 1st to November 1st.

Focus Question 3 How do the physical features affect how they live

Notes: The physical feautures in Jamacia are manily flat land covered with the growing rainforests.
in the center of the island their is a large elevation of mountains and hills. Also since it is a island
the only way to get their is by using a plane, boat, and helicopter. since there are so many trees they
get alot of tourism just for that. It is sorounded by beaches.




More talent in the workers that are there instead of jus resort people.
They are training more people become workers such as engineers and doctors.
It is turing into a failed or rouge state because of no goods being sold.
They jamacia society is trying to become more than just a tourist spot
They are mad at the govener for letting them end up like this.
The govener decides to try to get more products made and sold in Jamacia
After they gained their independence they were in poverty.
They built resorts and used the island to save them from poverty.




They built a resort on the island.
The people their became rich and more jobs were made.
They grow bannas and sell them.
They don't have to cut trees and make money.
The resorts take up alot of the space.
They had to cut down some trees to make the resort happen.
Not alot of talented people in Jamacia.
They don't have many doctors pr engineers living there.

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